Saturday, October 9, 2010

2011 Equality Calendar

This blog is for the LGBTQI and Ally Equality 2011 Calendar. The calendar was created to share LGBT holidays (the text color for these are in lavender), birthdays and other information. We are asking that if you use the calendar to please consider making a $5 donation to one or more of the non-profits that we have listed. You can view the list of non-profits by viewing the Equality Calendar Introduction pdf file. Also for your convenience we have added a non-profit spotlight section to each month with a brief description and click-able text for you to visit their website.

We have created separate pdf files for each month of 2011. The calendar is interactive so to discover more information via the internet just click on a person's name, a picture with name listed, LGBT Holiday, organization or on an historical milestone.

We are hoping that you find the calendar informative and useful during 2011. All attempts have been made to make sure all the information is correct but if by chance you locate incorrect information please let us know.

The following link will take you to our Google Storage where you will find the pdf files. Images on the pdf files appear to be degraded on the Google document previewer but they are of great quality when viewed on your own pdf viewer or in the print mode on Google.

Thank you....

All images and graphics are used for informational and educational purposes. We have done our best to link to web pages that will still be active during 2011 but you may still experience sites that are no longer live sites.


  1. I love this. Thank you!!

  2. Great idea! Why not make a google calendar instead of PDF's?